Hi this is me!!!!!

Who is me? Me is Lenny, 19, in college in Dublin, and on placement in Germany at the moment...

Lets talk about how this blog is gonna work, I'm gonna talk to u about my life you comment and have fun. But I'm not gonna use any full names mainly nicknames (Lenny is not my real name), because that way noone is googleable.

So, whats been happening so far?

I was born and went to school for 10 years in Berlin, then I went to Ireland did my leaving cert and started a chemistry course at an IT there. I am now at the end of my 3rd year.

And the people?

There is my boyfriend Jimmy, we've been goin out for 2 years. I promise I'll put up pictures as soon as I figured out how to.

Then there are Lil'Lis and Em my best friends, Lis is about to finish college, and she's got a job already. Em is  having a lot of free time at the moment 'caus she is repeating a year in college and doesn't have to do placement again. Next year we'll be in  4th year together.

There is also a lot of people from the SU at college like Tommy and Crazy, Seany, Tracy, Suzie, TF and a load more.

In my class there  are some very nice poeple like Sinead and Al, but then there is also bitches, and we all know who I'm talking about. We've been in the same class for 3 years and she still wouldn't greet me on the street.

Then there is of course my family. My mom and dad are just back from a aniversary trip (they've been married for 20 years in February) from Istanbul, apparently my mom shocked some turkish men by takin off one layer after the other in the tram, in the end wearing only a tanktop. Then there is my moms little brother who has 4 kids. From his first marriage there's Theo(19), and YAY hes got a place at Uni in Zurich. From the second, with a very young biologist, there is Ole(3), who is very hyper, but sooooo cute, and the twins Lena and Fina who aregoin on to a year. Thes two girls are so amazing they make u lough like nothing else. There is also of course my grannies, whom I love very much. I fight a lot with my mom's mom, but thats just because we are so similar. On my dad's side of the family there is my uncle whom I haven't seen snice my oldest cousins wedding, to whic my parents were'nt invited caus then her mother wouldn't have shown up, so its a very complicated story. All you need to know is there is 2 cousins on that side of the family whom I barely see, caus their mother hates my parents.

So enough of family.

Hopefully I'll be writing here regularly gettin you up to date on all the latest goosip.

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